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標題: TAICON 之質流行為探討
Study on the Rheological Behavior of Taiwan Concrete
作者: 陳冠宏
Chen, Kuang-Hong
關鍵字: TAICON;質流
出版社: 土木工程學系
試驗結果顯示,藉由質流性質的測求,可推導出TAICON適合的組成材料配比範圍。此外,質流試驗可有效測析新拌TAICON的質流行為,並據以詮釋其稠度性質;即TAICON遵從賓漢模式,其質流特性必須由兩個參數值,即降伏應力τ0 及塑性黏滯係數μ來表示,其精確性可較坍流度之單一值表示法理想。

A medium strength high performance concrete (HPC) is named as TAICON in this article. In general the HPC should have not only fluid consistency but also uniformity and limited segregation hazard. Currently, the consistency of HPC is mainly represented by the slump test as well as the other test methods, which is not sufficient for characterizing the rheological behavior of HPC. On the other hand, it has been well affirmed that the consistency of fresh concrete can be interpreted by the theory of rheology. For developing a new method to measure the fluidity of HPC it will be based on its rheological behavior. In this study the rheological behavior of the TAICON will be firstly investigated and then to develop an appropriate test method for the workability.
Test result shows that appropriate mixture proportions of TAICON are possible to be developed by means of the rheological measurement. This test method can well derived the rheological behavior of fresh TAICON and interprete its consistency. In other word, fresh TAICON confirms to Bingham model and thus the two constants τ0 (yield stress) and μ(plastic viscosity) together characterizes its flow behavior are compatible than single value of the slump-flow test.
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