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標題: 花灑分水器系統之動力分析與數值模擬
Dynamic analysis and simulation of fluid-solid interaction in a shower flow diverter system
作者: 黃囿晟
Huang, You-Cheng
關鍵字: diverter;分水器;faucet;shower;CFD;dynamic layering method;system dynamics;龍頭;花灑;計算流體力學;動網格;系統動力
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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衛浴設備的分水器,主要用來控制龍頭端與花灑端的出水量,是衛浴五金的關鍵元件。為了探討閥門開關時,分水心仔快速移動撞擊產生噪音的現象,本研究利用計算流體力學軟體ANSYS Fluent進行壓力控制型分水器內部流場之數值模擬。為了加快模擬速度,將模擬結構簡化成三維面對稱構型以減少大量網格數量,並搭配dynamic layering method動網格方法與UDF (user defined function)以求解流場暫態流速、壓力分布與分水心仔移動過程的速度變化。此外,引用系統動力概念建構分水器動態模組,搭配穩態數值模擬求得模組中未知流阻值,並計算動態方程式即可迅速獲得心仔速度變化值與反應時間。當進一步將動態模組中的機械系統與動態元件移除而省略為穩態模組,可計算分水心仔位於下死點處的受力與花灑端流量。為了減少撞擊噪音,研究顯示各參數相同的條件下,縮小副腔體上端縫隙以增加此處流阻值,不僅可降低暫態過程的衝擊速度,亦可增加心仔受力以減少龍頭端漏水缺陷,具有兩全之功效。

A diverter, which controls the faucet and shower flow rates, is a key component in the bathing facility. Noise may occur during switching the diverter. To reduce the noise, this investigation uses computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software ANSYS Fluent with the dynamic layering method and the user defined function (UDF) to simulate the flow field of the pressure-controlled diverter. The simulations are focused on analyzing the transient flow field and the resultant pressure that causes the diverter movement. Furthermore, the system dynamics method is used to construct the dynamic model and the state equations of the diverter system. By solving the state equations, the velocity and the force of moving part, the response time, and the flow rate of shower can be determined for a wide range of parameters. Based on the numerical results, the system dynamic analysis is employed to obtain the key design parameters and the appropriate values. The results of system dynamic analysis indicate that a reduction of the gap in the secondary chamber of the diverter can decrease the velocity of the moving part as well as increase the force of the moving part, and thereby prevents the serious noise and the leak of faucet outlet.
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