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標題: 水稻田區洪水出流歷線之研究-複合水筒模式之應用
Applications of the Complex Tank Model to Storm Runoff Study for Paddy Field
作者: 楊國賢
Yang, Kuo-Hsien
關鍵字: Runoff Analysis;逕流分析;Tank Model;Retarding Basin;水筒模式;遲滯水池
出版社: 土木工程學系

In this study, under the retarding basin construction, the complex tank model was used to simulate the state of inundation after storm at difficult drainage area. It was proved that the complex tank model can be used to simulate the runoff of paddy field and gets a good result under moderate rainfall and disuse of the retarding basin.
The paddy field of this study was located in Tainan. Six rainfall data with the duration of two days to one month and different rainfall intensities were adopted. The simulation effects were discussed for the short/long duration and storm/nonstorm.
By the results of simulation, it is proved that the observational rating values can be used to represent the real tank parameters. On the other hand, the retarding basin can reduce peak flow in storm, and retain steady flow in low water level. In conclusion, the good simulation effects are proved by different rainfall hyetographs.
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