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標題: 可伸縮插入式容器瓶口模具之設計與射出成型
Design Strategy of a Plastic Mold for a Plug-in Type Container Mouth With a Thin Flexible Body
作者: 李坤憲
關鍵字: injection molding;射出成型;polyethylene;numerical analysis;聚乙烯;數值分析
出版社: 機械工程學系
此論文包含設計與製作完成一組可伸縮插入式容器瓶口之模具,此容器瓶口在伸縮弧面段之厚度僅0.5 mm,實驗中以低密度聚乙烯(LDPE)為塑料,在射出成形機上,將膠料射至模具內成形,藉以探討不同膠溫、冷卻條件及射出之速度與壓力等操作條件下,對容器瓶口成形性之影響,並對此模具的設計製造之缺失作一通盤的檢討。此研究並使用差分法進行數值分析,以LDPE為膠料模擬容器瓶口於模穴內之冷卻過程。此研究歸納出可伸縮插入式容器瓶口之射出成型品所遭遇之成形性與脫模性等問題,以作為進行此類模具設計時依據之參考。

This work deals with the design and manufacturing of a plug-in type container mouth. This container mouth has a flexible body with thickness of 0.5 mm. A LDPE is selected as the raw material. For various melt temperatures, injection pressures, injection speeds and cooling conditions, the injection molding processes are investigated. A numerical analysis, based on a finite difference method, is performed to simulate the cooling process of the container mouth during the injection molding. It is intended to understand the design strategy for this type of plastic mold.
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