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標題: 地理資訊系統於台灣地區雨型分析之研究
The Application of Geographic Information Systems to Storm Pattern Analysis in Taiwan Area
作者: 王吉照
Wang, Chi-Chao
關鍵字: Geographic Information Systems;地理資訊系統;Taiwan;Storm Pattern;Storm Pattern Analysis;台灣;雨型;雨型分析
出版社: 土木工程學系

In general, watershed is the basic unit for hydrologic analysis as well
as river system management. This study uses recorded annual maximum
rainfall data for various rainfall duration of 149 gauge stations in Taiwan area to first determine its probability distribution type based on normal, log-normal, log-Pearson type III and Gumbel extreme-value distributions and tested by X goodness of fit. After that, a series of design rainfall intensity-duration-frequency (IDF) relation for all gauge sites can be expressed through numerical regression. Also, by Thiessen's weighting processing, the IDF curves for 19 main watersheds within Taiwan area are formulated. In addition, the proposed study is constructed upon ArcView geographic information system computer software, which is much more powerful in linking geo-science and watershed science application. Thus, it would certainly make hydrologic analysis easier for design engineers. Finally, through the comparison with the results obtained by Water Resources Bureau of Taiwan Provincial Government, it is concluded that the proposed study is more helpful in rainfall intensity design for watershed concerns.
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