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標題: 以三羰基鉻氟化甲苯的親核性取代反應和以環戊二烯衍生物為架橋之雙金 屬的合成及反應機構的研究
Studies of Nucleophilic Substitution on AreneCr(CO)3 : Synthetic and Mechanistic Approaches to Bimetallic Compounds Bridged by Cyclopentadienyl Related Nucleophiles
作者: 楊曜誠
Yang, Yaw-Cherng
關鍵字: Nucleophiles;親核性試劑;(h6----1;4-C6H4CH3F)Cr(CO) 3;cyclopentadiene;indene;fluorene;對-氟甲苯三羰基鉻;五員環
出版社: 化學系
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