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標題: 水文地質決策支援系統之建立
Decision Support System for Hydrogeology in Landslide Area
作者: 陳毅輝
Chen, Yi-Hui
關鍵字: GIS;地理資訊系統;hydrogeology;groundwater;geology;data base;Kriging;水文地質;地下水;地質;資料庫;克立金法
出版社: 土木工程學系
水文地質的判釋是對地滑邊坡提供基本的決策支援依據,應用地理資訊系統強大的資料庫整合功能,以及空間分析的運用,更能快速有效的對於水文地質作整合性的規劃,成為提供分析、查詢、展示的決策支援系統。對於水文地質之研判,本研究將其建構於ARCVIEW 電腦軟體上,加上目前新興的3D模組之分析展示,架構起水文地質全面性的資料庫系統。

Hydrogeological data is provided to be the basic decision support for landslide remediation. Geographic information system(GIS) is used for data management and spatial analysis and forms the decision support system query ,display and analysis. Hydrogeology is established by ARCVIEW software and 3D analytic model to form an intact hydrogeological information system.
In Lisun landslide area, discussion of it hydrogeology are divided into three parts. First, drainage analysis of its geography is used to understand situation of drainage in Lisun and discuss completed drainage work. Second, geological layers distributions built using drilling data. Then, the spatial interpolation model developed in this research is provided to predict the system of geological layers. Third, flow direction analysis of groundwater is accomplished using relational theory of hydrology to get its initial flow direction. Then, with the considering geological situation, allover flow direction of groundwater is suggested. 3D modeling and hydrogeological analytic method developed in this research are also provided to discuss drained validity of drainage well. This process can explain that effect of drainage work in Lisun has met problem, and offer the improving direction.
The result of hydrogeological statement in Lisun verified that GIS can be used to analyze and implement for the hydrogeological framework. Functions of GIS , including of display,3D model, and renewal, support hydrogeological analysis can be applied applied to data management and decision support system in landslide area.
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