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標題: 應用超音波技術於微小孔徑之沖壓成形研究
A Study on Micro Hole Forming with Appling Ultrasonic
作者: 張建偉
Chang, Chien-Wei
關鍵字: ultrasonic vibration;超音波振動;micro punching;micro hole machining;微沖壓成形;微孔徑加工
出版社: 機械工程學系

Nowadays, with the industrial products tending to be light-weight and size-minimized, micro hole machining has become the pivotal technology in modern product development. The study attempts building up the ultrasonic forming machine by combining ultrasonic technology and punching forming machine. The study discusses how ultrasonic influences the results of micro hole punching forming by experiment design method. The research could assign different parameters with the orthogonal table, such as the vibrating amplitude of ultrasonic and the feeding speed of punching. The study not only discusses how parameters of process influence punching load and forming properties, but also compares the forming behavior of different workpieces with and without ultrasonic.
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