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標題: 應用線切割放電加工微電極之研究
Processing Micro Electrode by Applying Wire Electrical Discharge Machining
作者: 田炳輝
Hui, Tien Ping
關鍵字: wire cut;線切割放電加工;micro EDM;micro electrode;微電極加工
出版社: 機械工程學系

At present the methods used to machine micro hole are ultrasonic machining, drilling machining, laser beam machining, grinding machining, electron beam machining and electrical discharge machining. Among these, Micro-EDM not only is able to process high precision machining, but also cost down. It's a technique with deep development well. Generally, there are two methods to machine microelectrode with Micro-EDM which are block electrode machining and wire electrode machining with wire guide. The former has question of consumed; the latter causes the wire that is drawn out continuously, the wire consumed can be regard.
This research had designed a revolving organization and build over a precision wire cut machine to process out cylinder electrode. Therefore, to reach the precision the Design target is simple structure and assembled easily. The advantage of the design is that the wire cut machine can easily be used to process out cylinder electrode without complicated design and parts. Although it can not reach the precision with the wire guide, but we has proved its practicable.
At least, the electrode of Tungsten carbide can be process fromψ0.5mm to 69μm, length 0.511mm, L/D≒7.4. And machining micro hole further, due to the process energy can't be down enough, the machined hole can only reach 150μm.
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