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標題: 模具幾何在超音波輔助微沖壓成形之影響研究
A Study on Ultrasonic Assisted Micro Forming under the Influence of Die Geometries
作者: 李佳緯
Lee, Chia-Wei
關鍵字: Metal Forming;金屬成形;Ultrasonic;Micro Forming;Modal Analysis;超音波;微沖壓;模態分析
出版社: 機械工程學系

This study investigated die geometries on the ultrasonic assisted micro forming process. Using experiment design method, some geometry features of the die are defined, such as different diameters of the hole and grooves. The study not only applied metal forming theory to assign process parameters, but also discussed how die geometries influence modal parameters of the ultrasonic vibration system by modal analysis. The results verified the accuracy of modal analysis and proved that applying ultrasonic on micro forming could raise the efficiency of the process by analyzing relations between die geometries and forming results. The achievements would help the application of metal materials on precision machining and provide corporations the process parameters to research and develop the ultrasonic assisted micro forming process.
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