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標題: 低樓層鋼結構火害行為之分析
Analysis of the Fire Behavior of the Steel Low-rise Constructions
作者: 簡力堅
Chien, Li-Chien
關鍵字: steel construction;鋼結構;fire;FDS;SAP2000;Numerical Simulation;火害;數值模擬
出版社: 土木工程學系所
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本文藉由FDS ( Fire Dynamics Simulator )模擬火場的樑柱間的溫度變化與 SAP2000結構分析軟體相輔相成,探討受高溫下,鋼結構的整體破壞行為,以期有助於災害之預防。

The behavior of the steel constructions under the fire can be comprehended the dynamic behavior and broken model by real full-scale scene of a fire experiment. However, the expenses of the manpower and equipment during experiment are quite high. In recent years, due to the fast development of computer science and technology, it has been improved the feasibility of the fire hurt of the steel constructions by computer simulation.
This study simulates the temperature change of the beam and column of the scene of a fire by FDS (Fire Dynamics Simulator) and SAP2000 software, to discuss the whole broken behavior of the steel constructions under the high temperature, is in the hope of contributing to the prevention of the calamity.
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