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標題: 六連桿橢圓運動機之運動合成與人機整合動力學分析
Kinematic Synthesis of Six-bars Elliptical Motion Exerciser and Dynamic Analysis of Human
作者: 柯博仁
Ke, Bo-Ren
關鍵字: Six-bars Elliptical Motion Exerciser;六連桿橢圓運動機;Dynamic Analysis of Human;人機整合動力學
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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本論文針對現有六連桿橢圓運動機之步行軌跡配合行經相對角度關係以剛體運動導引合成法作系統化的推論,並依照理論合成方法,設計出多元化新型橢圓運動機,期望達成理論與實際目標之相結合。最後利用電腦軟體Adams配合Life Mod模組,整合機構與人體,並進行動力學分析。由分析結果可以得知人體各部位及關節的受力情形,並加以討論。

Elliptical motion exerciser not only can imitate out people in the sport routes of running , upper and lower stairs , but also gets the purpose of sport at the same time .And the step can be avoided in bearing the impact of reaction force from the ground, which can reduce the incidence of user''s sport injury greatly . Because of possessing a lot of advantages, numerous manufacturers are carrying on the research and development of the fitness goods at present. Obviously, the fitness goods will become the important direction of industry development of Taiwan.

The purpose of this thesis is applying the Motion Generator method to get the systematic deduction by researching the orbit of the six-bars elliptical motion exerciser and its relative angle, passing through the precision points. Using the Motion Generator method, we can design the pluralism new-type elliptical motion exerciser, expecting to reach the combining together of the theory and actual goal. Finally, by using the software Adams and Life Mod to merge mechanism and human body. Then execute the dynamic analysis to realize the force situation of human body and discuss it.
其他識別: U0005-0708200615291400
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