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標題: 預壓對滾珠螺桿磨耗之實驗探討
Experimental Investigation on Preload for Wear of Ball Screw
作者: 孫明華
Sun, Ming-Hua
關鍵字: ball screw;滾珠螺桿;wear;preload;load;磨耗;預壓;負載
出版社: 機械工程學系

Ball screw is often used in the precise positioning which is the key technique of processing and mechanism motion. The friction force can be highly reduced by using the ball screw, because it transmits the power through rolling contact between the ball and nut, and between the ball and screw. But after operating for a period, wear will happen on the screw, ball, and nut, which will generate the clearance and cause the effect of preload disappear gradually.
In this paper, the wear conditions of ball screw under different preloads and external loads have been discussed. The main factors of causing wear are the applied force on the ball and the rolling distance of the ball. Wear equations obtained from other researches have been studied in this paper to understand the relationships of the wear parameters. An analysis of the ball rolling the surface also have been done to understand the applied force on the ball under preload and external load.
In order to understand the wear conditions of the ball screw under operation, a testing platform has been set up. By adjusting the preload and external load on the ball screw, different applied force conditions on the ball can be obtained. The wear amount was measured under different rolling distance to study the relationships between the wear conditions and the preload and external load. Also the factor of assembly and disassembly during the testing was analyzed in this research. The purpose of this research is trying to provide the information of wear conditions of ball screw under different loading conditions which can help the machine designers to understand more about the characteristic of the ball screw.
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