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標題: 以大立障的含鈷單牙磷基配位之鈀金屬錯合物應用於Suzuki,Amination和Heck催化反應的研究
Investigation of Suzuki, Amination and Heck Reactions by Employing Palladium Complexes Having Metal-containing Bulky Phosphine Ligands.
作者: 王敏靖
關鍵字: Array錯合物
出版社: 化學系
用bis(diphenylphosphino)methylene (dppm) 與dicobaltocta-
carbonyl(Co2(CO)8) 反應先形成錯合物Co2(CO)6(μ-Ph2PCH2PPh2)。再將此錯合物與alkyne(Ph2PC≡CP(ipr)2)在80°C的Toluen中反應16小時形成alkyne-bridged的雙鈷錯合物3,另一方面Co2(CO)6(μ-Ph2PCH2PPh2)也與alkyne(Ph2PC≡CPcy2)形成化合物5,而將兩具立帳大的化合物應用於Suzuki,Amination和Heck催化反應中,也可得到不錯的效果。

Two bulky, mono-dentate alkyne-bridged dicobalt-phosphine complexes [(m-PPh2CH2PPh2)Co2(CO)4](m,h-PhC≡CP(ipr)2) 3, [(m-PPh2CH2PPh2)Co2(CO)4](m,h-Me3C≡CPcy2) 5 have been proved to be effective monodentate phosphine ligands in theseSuzuki, Amination and Heck Reactions .
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