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標題: 考慮T型樑效應之房屋結構的動態特性研究
Studies on the Dynamic Properties of Building with T-Section Beam Effect
作者: 陳嘉惠
Chen, Jia-Huei
關鍵字: T-section beam effect;T型樑;dynamic properties;結構動態特性
出版社: 土木工程學系所
引用: [1] Dong-Guen Lee, Sang-Kyoung Ahn, Dae-Kon Kim, Efficient seismic analysis of building structure including floor slab. [2] Lee DG, An efficient element for analysis of frames with shear walls. Atlanta: ICES88; 1988. [3] Timoshenko SP, Weaver Jr W, Young DH, Vibration problem in engineering. 5th ed. John Wiley & Sons; 1990. [4] Petyt M. Introduction to finite element vibration analysis, Cambridge University Press; 1990. p. 294–314. [5] ACI committee318, ”Building Code Requirements for Structure Concrete (ACI318-99) and Commentary (ACI318R-99)”. [6] 聯邦工程顧問有限公司、李森柟合編,「ETABS入門與工程上之應用」,科技圖書股份有限公司出版,民國92年2月。 [7] 韓國MIDAS股份有限公司編,「MIDAS/GEN使用手冊」,呈榮科技有限公司出版,民國92年12月。 [8] 陳宏謀編,「鋼筋混凝土觀念分析」,浩瀚系列叢書出版,民國八十二年三月7版。 [9] 內政部建築研究所,「鋼筋混凝土建築物耐震能力評估法及推廣」,民國88年12月。

To simplify calculations, typical structural engineers often ignore the structural properties with T-section beam effect, and that is often considered the conservative method.

However, if these structural properties were ignored, under the excitation of earthquakes and other disasters, it would be difficult to dominate the actual condition of structure. This thesis is to analyze and compare the dynamic properties of building with T-section beam effect with popular structural design (without T-section beam effect).

Studies found that structures with T-section beam have much shorter structural period than ordinary structures (without T-section beam).Moreover, the distribution of the structural internal force would be very different. Without considering the stiffness of beam and floor slab assembly, the design steel sections of beams and columns would be impractical demand. The actual hinges position and sequence would mismatch with the initial design. Due to its short period characteristic, bring seism-excitation would become stronger. Without taking the T-section beam effect into structural design, we often underestimate the structural design seism-excitation. For the sake of safe structural design, T-section beam effect is an essential concept.
其他識別: U0005-2206200617442700
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