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標題: 類神經網路運用於型材矯直之研究
A Study of Profiles Material Straightness by Applying Artificial Neural Networks
作者: 楊景欽
yang, jimching
關鍵字: straighten;矯直;neural networks;error-back-propagation method;finite element method;類神經網路;誤差逆傳遞法;有限元素法
出版社: 機械工程學系

The application of artificial neural networks of error-back-propagation method and finite element method for simulation results of straightening process are to build prediction system of profile materials straighten. This system used to measure straightness of profile materials can obtain the straightening position, direction, and punch travel and profile materials finally reach required straightness. This system serves results of finite element method simulated straighten process as training patterns for neural networks and build prediction system of profile materials straighten. Actually use this system on straighten machine of automation to straighten profile materials and verify mention of neural networks that could be available for predict process of profile materials straighten. This study attempted to apply neural networks to predict process of profile materials straighten and the results can be provide the reference to develop of profile materials straighten in industry.
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