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標題: 正齒輪連結雙旋轉複合材料軸振動特性之探討
Vibration Analysis of Double Spinning Composite Shafts Systems Coupled by Spur Gears.
作者: 吳慶頤
Wu, Ching-Yi
關鍵字: Coupled gears;齒輪耦合;Composite shafts;Vibration;Finite element method;複合材料軸;振動;有限元素法
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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In this study, a spur gear coupled theory combined with a spinning composite flexible shaft theory, is used to develop a double spinning composite shafts model that are containing coupled by spur gears. The gears are assumed rigid, but at the contact gear teeth, a spring and viscose dashpot are used to simulate the effect due to the deformation of the teeth resulting from large contact forces. For the gears, firstly, the displacement and velocity vectors of the contact location are used to find the excitation forces that come from eccentricity and the static transmission error, and the coupled stiffness and damping matrices.

Assembling the coupled stiffness and damping matrices in those of the composite shaft system, the governing equations of the whole system are derived. The governing equations are used to study the isotropic shafts and made of composite materials. The natural frequencies and vibration mode shapes are analyzed. Campbell diagrams are plotted. And then indicate that mode shapes may change as the spinning speed varies. Finally, the dynamic responses of the systems are analyzed using the mode summation method.
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