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標題: 管液壓成形負載條件之最佳化研究
A Study on Optimization of the Loading Conditions for Tube Hydroforming
作者: 蕭棓元
Hsiao, Pou-Yuan
關鍵字: tube hydroforming;管液壓成形;T-shape tube;conjugate gradient method;finite element simulation;forming load;optimization;T型管;共軛梯度法;有限元素模擬;成形負載;最佳化
出版社: 機械工程學系

Tube hydroforming is a developing technology with advanced features of lightness and unified part. This study used a T-shape tube as investigated target and conjugate gradient method with finite element simulation be used to optimize the loading conditions for tube hydroforming. The design variables are the internal pressure and axial feeding which are necessary for forming process. Program modulus was set up successfully for optimization of the design variables. It has been proved that the modulus is usable. Cost function of optimization was formed by uniform thickness and geometry error of tube. Batch type and sequential type are the optimal strategies in this study. The curve of forming load can be obtained after optimizing. The sequential type has better forming results because it considers the correlation between each step of forming process and each step can be optimizing. The curve of optimal loading conditions which be obtained by this study will offer a reference to researchers for determining internal pressure and axial feeding of each step of tube hydroforming.
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