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標題: 超長型線性運動模組開發設計與分析
Design and Analysis of A Linear Motion Stage
作者: 王福清
wang, fu-ching
關鍵字: 線性運動模組
出版社: 機械工程學系

The purpose of this research is to modularize and standardize single-axis linear stages, which have been versatilely used in applications such as wafer and semiconductor elements transportation. Standardized stages offer equipment providers the flexibility of choosing appropriate models to integrate any desired structure based on the required stroke and working procedures. They build equipment to meet the requirements of fast speed and low cost, so that their customers can gain the competitive edge.
The mechanism of linear stages consists of a table, linear guideways, ballscrew, a transmission system including a gear box and a coupling, a motor, an encoder, etc. These parts should meet the requirements of high speed, high precision, light in weight, high stiffness, cleanness, and environmental requirements.
This thesis entails the complete design process thoroughly. The stiffness and dynamic response of the designed stage has been verified by finite element method (FEM) simulation and by real test. Though the designed linear stage is light, long and slender, it has been demonstrated that it has enough stiffness to meet the requirements of speed up to 600 mm/sec and repeatability to 0.02 mm.
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