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標題: 考慮T型樑效應之房屋結構的側推曲線特性研究
Studies on the Pushover Curve of Buildings with T-section beam effect
作者: 劉晉維
Liu, Chin-Wei
關鍵字: T-section beam;T型樑
出版社: 土木工程學系所
引用: 1. Efficient seismic analysis of building structure including floor slab.Dong-Guen Lee, Sang-Kyoung Ahn, Dae-Kon Kim 2. Applied Technology Council, ”Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit of Concrete Buildings”,ATC-40,Redwood City,California,1996 3. ACI committee318,”Building Code Requirements for Structure Concrete (ACI318-99) and Commentary (ACI318R-99)”. 4. 內政部建築研究所,「鋼筋混凝土建築物耐震能力評估法及推廣」,民國88年12月。 5. 聯邦工程顧問有限公司、李森柟合編,「ETABS入門與工程上之應用」,科技圖書股份有限公司出版,民國92年2月。 6. 韓國MIDAS股份有限公司編,「MIDAS/GEN使用手冊」,呈榮科技有限公司出版,民國92年12月。 7. 陳宏謀編,「鋼筋混凝土觀念分析」,浩瀚系列叢書出版,民國八十二年三月7版。
一般房屋結構分析時,結構工程師往往為了過去計算器的運算速度及儲存空間的不足,均不考慮樓版與樑間之相互關係,也就是所謂的T-SCETION EFFECT。本文仍探討R.C.結構物在抗彎矩構架及二元系統下,分析結構系統受水平地震力之動態特性。
研究發現以不含T型樑效應分析時將高估結構物之極限側向位移,低估了極限強度,且其破壞模式(塑鉸分佈)情形及順序完全不同。為了考慮真實情況之結構系統,應以含T-SCETION EFFECT分析者為佳。

General house structure when analysing, structure often for operation speed of calculator store the deficiency of space in the past engineer, consider floor edition and interrelation of roof beam, that is the what is called T-SCETION EFFECT. This text still probes into the structure thing of R.C. under resisting the curved square framework and two Yuan system, it is analysed that the structure system receives the dynamic characteristic of horizontal earthquake strength.
The model setting up structure and analysing with MIDAS/GEN in the article, to different structure systems that supposed, while counting in different floors, analyse its dynamic effect.
Discover that will over-evaluate the limit side direction displacement of the structure thing for not including the roof beam effect of Model T while analysing, having underestimated the intensity of limit, and it destroys the way (mould and cut with scissors and is distributed) The situation and order are totally different. In order to consider the structure system of the truth, it should be good in order to include T-SCETION
EFFECT analyst.
其他識別: U0005-2506200610563000
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