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標題: 口服低劑量干擾素對於豬隻免疫功能之調控及對PRRSV與PCV2混合感染之保護效益
Evaluation of Oral Low-Dose Interferon on Regulation of Immune Function in Pigs, and Protective Efficiency Against PRRSV and PCV2 Co-infection
作者: 游能凱
Yu, Neng-Kai
關鍵字: 干擾素;Interferon;豬環狀病毒;豬繁殖與呼吸道症候群病毒;PCV2;PRRSV
出版社: 獸醫病理生物學研究所
引用: 徐戎成。E.coli表現之PCV2 ORF2次單位疫苗之效益評估及PRRS病毒在協同引發PCV2相關疾病之角色。國立中興大學獸醫病理學研究所碩士論文。2008。 楊程堯,張聰洲,林昭男,蔡敬屏,邱明堂。台灣地區豬呼吸道疾病綜合症相關病原之分析。台灣獸醫誌 33:40-46, 2007。 蔡昇達。大腸桿菌表現之第二型豬環狀病毒次單位疫苗保護效益之評估:田間試驗及人工感染試驗。國立中興大學獸醫病理學研究所碩士論文。2007。 Aguilera, D.G., and Tsimberidou, A.M. Dasatinib in chronic myeloid leukemia: A review. Ther Clin Risk Manag 5: 281-9, 2009. Ahmed, S., and Rai, K.R. Interferon in the treatment of hairy-cell leukemia. Best Pract Res Clin Haematol 16: 69-81, 2003. Allan, G.M., and Ellis, J.A. Porcine circoviruses: A review. J Vet Diagn Invest 12: 3-14, 2000. Allan, G.M., Kennedy, S., McNeilly, F., Foster, J.C., Ellis, J.A., Krakowka, S.J., Meehan, B.M., and Adair, B.M. Experimental reproduction of severe wasting disease by co-infection of pigs with porcine circovirus and porcine parvovirus. J Comp Pathol 121: 1-11, 1999. Allan, G.M., McNeilly, F., Cassidy, J.P., Reilly, G.A., Adair, B., Ellis, W.A., and McNulty, M.S. 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對現今養豬產業而言,豬呼吸道疾病中以豬第二型環狀病毒引發之相關疾病( PCV2-associated disease, PCVAD)最被為關切,雖有多家商品化之疫苗被開發成功,在甪間使用亦能發揮良好的保護力與經濟效益,但環境管理因子之改善、加強生物安全防護及提昇宿主體內之先天性免疫反應,均為防治此疾病之基本作為。低劑量的IFN-α對於動物體內具有免疫調節之作用。因此本研究之目的擬探討口服低劑量rhIFN-α對豬免疫功能之調節及降低PRRSV/PCV2混和感染傷害之效益。實驗分為兩階段進行,試驗一為探討口服低劑量rhIFN-α對豬隻免疫功能之調節作用;試驗選用一般商業豬隻,提早離乳後隔離飼養於獨立試驗場所,將其分為rhIFN-α處理組與對照組。處理組豬隻經口給予rhIFN-α (100 IU/kg BW)連續7天,於試驗前及實驗後第1、2、3及4週分別採血進行白血球的功能分析。於試驗結束後分析肺臟巨噬細胞表面分子之表現。結果顯示於rhIFN-α投予後第1及2週,淋巴細胞對於concanavalin A分裂原刺激之增殖明顯高於對照組(P<0.05)。在肺臟巨噬細胞表面MHC class I和MHC class II的分子之表現,亦明顯高於對照組(P<0.05),而在白血球總數、NK細胞毒殺能力及嗜中性球之吞噬作用,rhIFN-α處理組與對照組並無顯著性的差異。於試驗二中亦同樣選用一般商業用豬,將其分為三組,實驗組(rhIFN-α口服給予)、陽性及陰性對照組,不採早期離乳使豬隻自然暴露於PRRSV的感染,而豬隻於第8週移入水濂式動物舍飼養。第9週時進行PCV2的接種,評估在PRRSV存在下豬隻使用干擾素對於PCV2的抵抗效果。結果所有試驗豬隻在PCV2感染後並無明顯臨床病徵,呼吸道相關病變也較為輕微,但在帄均發燒天數(>40℃)、PRRSV血清抗體轉陽率、肺臟膈葉間質性肺炎病變程度及PCV2病毒核酸量,rhIFN-α處理組結果明顯低於對照組(P<0.05)。以上研究顯示在落實良好之衛生管理及於適當的時期口服給予低劑量rhIFN-α或免疫調節劑可有效的提升宿主免疫系統,包括對肺臟微環境的調控,進而降低PRRSV與/或PCV2混和感染所造成的肺臟傷害。

Swine respiratory diseases (SRD), especially circovirus type 2 associated diseases (PCVAD), has become one of the most concerned diseases in swine industry. Though the novel PCV2 vaccines have shown good protection for PCVAD control, implementation of a strict biosecurity and enhancement of host innate immunity are also very important in SRD control. Low dose of interferon alpha (IFN-α) has a positive regulation on immune function of animals. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the oral administration of low-dose of rhIFN-α on the regulation of porcine immunity and the protective efficiency against PRRSV and PCV2 co-infection. The study was divided in two separate experiments. In experimental I, weanling pigs were oral administration with low dose of IFN-α (100 U/kg/bw) for 1 week and leukocyte functions and expression of MHC molecules on PAM were evaluated. The results indicated that the proliferation of lymphocyte in response to mitogen stimulation and the expression of MHC class I and class II were significantly enhanced after IFN-α administration, but the NK cytotoxicity and phagocytosis and respiratory burst of neutrophils were not affected. In experimental II, the experimental pigs were divided into three groups, the experimental group (oral administration of IFN-α, 100U/kg/bw), positive and negative controls. After weanling, experimental pigs were all raised in the original farm to naturally exposed of PRRSV infection until to 8 weeks old and then moved into a water-lim-style experimental house. At 9 weeks of age, experimental and positive control pigs were inoculated with PCV2. The clinical observations, pathological lesions and PCV2 load in tissues were evaluated. The results displayed that all experimental pigs after PCV2 infection did not show obvious illness. However, the mean days of fever (> 40℃), seroconversion of PRRSV antibody, the severity of pulmonary impairment, and PCV2 loads were all significantly lower in IFN-α treatment pigs than the positive controls. These results suggest that in a well-managerial environment the affect of PRRSV and PCV2 co-infection is relatively mild. However, a giving of low-dose of IFN-α or immunomodulants at appropriate time can enhance host resistance and reduce the pulmonary injury of PRRSV/PCV2 co-infections.
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