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標題: 高頻微機械式帶通濾波器
High Fequency Micromechanical Bandpass Filters
作者: 江銘昭
chiang, ming-chao
關鍵字: CMOS;CMOS;high frequency micromechanical bandpass filter;driving electrode;ensing;機械式高頻帶通濾波器;應電極;動電極;薄膜
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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本研究以0.35μm CMOS標準製程製作微機械式高頻帶通濾波器,以靜電力驅動濾波器,其結構包含了感應電極(Sensing electrode)、驅動電極(Driving electrode)、支撐彈簧與懸浮的上薄膜(Membrane),並使用CMOS製程的金屬層製作。設計機械結構時,運用質量塊減輕與加強彈簧剛性係數以達到高頻。將鄰近的兩個微濾波器串聯以中間連接彈簧製作出微機械式帶通濾波器。簡單後製程處理即可將薄膜懸浮,僅需要以濕式蝕刻處理氧化矽層即可完成。
由模擬得知機械式高頻帶通濾波器為中心頻率模擬值39.8 MHz,而實驗中量測得為39.6 MHz,兩者誤差為0.2 MHz。頻寬則為330kHz,降低20dB波形常數(Shape factor)為1.21,頻寬(BW)提昇為330 kHz。除此之外,吾人另製作高頻單一濾波器的中心頻率值39.5 MHz,波形常數為2.8,頻寬為49kHz。

This study investigates the fabrication of high frequency (HF) micromechanical bandpass filter using the standard 0.35μm CMOS process. The filter is actuated by an electrostatic force. The structure of the filter comprises driving electrode, sensing electrode, suspended springs and a suspended membrane. The electrodes and the membrane are the metal layers manufactured by the CMOS process. Light weight of the mass and enhancing spring stiffness of this mechanical structure give the response in HF range. Two filters arranged in series leads to a micromechanical
bandpass filter. In this study, using simple post-process, requiring only a wet etching silicon
dioxide layer, can levitate the microstructure.

Simulation results show that the center frequency of the bandpass filter is 39.8 MHz. Experimental results show that the center frequency is 39.6 MHz with an error 0.2MHz. The 20dB shape factor is as low as 1.21, and a bandwidth of 330 kHz is achieved . For a single filter, the center frequency is 39.5MHz, the 20dB shape factor is 2.8, and a bandwidth is 49 kHz,respectively.
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