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標題: 固定於可移動圓盤旋轉預扭漸縮複合材料樑動態響應之探討
Studies of the Dynamic Responses of Pre-twisted and Tapered Rotating Composite Beams Attached to a Movable Disk
作者: 陳俊男
Chen, Chun-Nan
關鍵字: Composite;複合材料;Pre-twisted and Tapered Rotating Beams;Dynamic Responses;旋轉預扭漸縮樑;動態響應
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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本文中利用上述有限元素模式,分析具不同漸縮寬度旋轉預扭漸縮等向性樑、單層複合材料樑、以及疊層複合材料樑等的自然振動頻率,並探討不同攻角、傾角與轉速對於樑自然振動頻率的影響。本文最後利用 "Newmark-β " 法分析固定於可移動圓盤基座旋轉樑之動態響應,並藉由改變系統之參數,如漸縮係數、旋轉速度與加速度、預扭角、攻角及傾角等,探討這些參數改變對於系統之動態響應的影響。

The main objective of this thesis is to develop a finite element model based on an improved beam theory for studying the vibration characteristics and dynamic responses of the pre-twisted and tapered rotating beams made of isotropic materials or composite materials. The transverse shear deformation, torsion, cross-sectional warping, chordwise curvature, sidewise bending, pre-twisted angle and the width-tapered effects of the beam are considered. The finite element method is applied to derive equations of motion of the system, where one-dimensional three-node element with 23 degrees of freedom are used. Hence, it allows one to predict more accurately the vibration behavior of pre-twisted and tapered rotating beams.
To derive the equations of motion, first, a displacement field is assumed to represent the flexible deformation of the beam. Based on the linear strain theory, the expressions of strain energy, kinetic energy as well as the work done by the centrifugal force of the pre-twisted and tapered rotating composite beam mounted on a movable disk are obtained. Next, by evoking the Hamilton's principle employed together with the finite element method, the equations of motion are then derived.
In the studied examples, the effects of the stagger angle, precone angle and the rotational speed on the natural frequencies of the pre-twisted and tapered rotating beams made of isotropic materials or composite materials are investigated. Moreover the dynamic responses of the rotating beams attached to a movable disk are analyzed by using the Newmark-β method. The influences of the parameters such as the breadth taper ratio, rotational speed and acceleration, pre-twisted angle, stagger angle and precone angle on the dynamic responses are investigated.
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