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標題: 台灣水田地區及農水路生態復育之初步研究
Preliminary Study for ecological restoration of paddy field and agricultural channel in Taiwan
作者: 江辰懋
chiang, Chen-Mao
關鍵字: Paddy fishway;水田魚道;Ecological restoration;Assessment of ecological environment;生態復育;生態評估
出版社: 土木工程學系所
引用: 參考文獻 1. 蔡逸文、陳獻、張斐章,(2005),「灌排水路應用生態工法實施流程之擬議」,農工學報51卷3期 2. 蘇郁文,(2005),「溪流生態棲地之簡易視覺評估法-以北坑溪為例」逢甲大學水利工程學系,碩士論文 3. 加藤宗英,(2005),「小型魚類的游泳能力評估」,農業土木學會誌 4. 林鎮洋、陳彥璋、吳明聖,(2004),「河溪生態工法」,明文書局 5. 楊桂芬(2004),「推動圳路綠美化、水門公園化、水路生態化概況」,農田水利51卷3期 6. 陳冠瑋,(2004),「河溪生態工法物理棲地評估模式之研究」逢甲大學水利工程學系,碩士論文 7. 日本農林水產省農業農村整備部會技術小委員會,(2004),「與環境相調和考量下事業實施之調查規劃、設計入門 (第3篇)」 8. 日本農林水產省農業農村整備部會技術小委員會,(2002),「與環境相調和考量下事業實施之調查規劃、設計入門」 9. 鈴木正貴等,(2000),「小規模水田魚到的開發」農業土木學會誌 10. United States Department of Agriculture(1998)__ Stream Visual Assessment Protocol 11. 周建成,(1980),「台灣河川水質指數之建立」,國立成功大學環境工程系,碩士論文 12. 有機農業電子報第140期「苦茶粕之危害」, 13. 有機農業全球之訊網, 14. 行政院農委會動植物防疫檢疫局http:// 15. 中國漁業網,

This research is to study the situation of implementing the rural ecology restoration of Japan, and to find out the key factors which can make the living beings finish their intact cycle of life via the paddy field, channel, pool and rivers those made up of rivers which form the ecological corridor. Through the introduction of actual operation to Japan''s rural ecology restoration, we can generalize the implementation focal point of the ecology considering and precautions that the attitude was considered, cooperate with ecology assess method to assess and discuss the experimental grounds those have been implemented restoration.
In order to find out the differences in the present paddy field, channel ecological environment and agriculture custom between Taiwan and Japan, and to find out the main bottlenecks of restoration, we have looked for two experimental paddy field as the main test target in the west of Taiwan in this research. After investigate that finds out about the environment of trial zone and peasant''s will, propose different planning and design to two experimental areas:
The Dajia area implements observation and test that do not influence the farming cultivation of crops.
The Yuanli area is improving to the bottleneck in the channel of paddy field, and observes the ecological restoration achievement after improving.
The result of the test of the paddy field shows that the loach can pass in and out the paddy field and channel by simple and easy facilities. Spraying Kuu-Char meal in the can be also through the control of the displacement of paddy field to reduce the organisms of the channel injury. Besides, getting rid of the living beings move the bottleneck in the channel can make the channel of paddy field and ecological pool form an unobstructed ecological corridor, and can also improve the cache quality of the channel system of paddy field.
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