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標題: 孤立內波通過直立平板周邊渦流流場之實驗研究
Experimental Study on the Characteristics of Vortices Induced by a Internal Solitary Wave Propagating over a Submerged Vertical Plate
作者: 林昂
Lin, Ang
關鍵字: Internal Solitary Wave;孤立內波;流場
出版社: 土木工程學系所
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本研究在精密波浪實驗水槽內進行實驗研究。為瞭解孤立內波內部流場機制,並簡化模型厚度對流場之影響使用直立薄平板為模型,以相同上下水層密度比(ρ1/ρ2 = 1.021)、相同水深比(下沈型 h1/h2 = 1/3;上舉型 h1/h2 = 3)之水體條件及相同之造波條件(L = 15 cm;η0 =10 cm)生成穩定的孤立內波,嘗試以高速攝影機配合顆粒追蹤法之可視化定性觀察與質點影像測速(PIV)技術之定量分析。首先觀測無障礙物時兩種不同類型之孤立內波流場(下沈型與上舉型),接著再探討孤立內波通過不同障礙高度之直立平板時,直立平板周邊二維流場之變化。

The purpose of the study is to understand flow field induced by the internal solitary wave propagating over a submerged vertical plate model. A submerged vertical plate was used for simplified model. The experiments were conducted at the same density ratio (ρ1/ρ2 = 1.021) and the same thickness ratio of the upper and lower layers (depression: h1/h2 = 1/3; elevation: h1/h2 = 3). The same wave condition of the stable internal solitary wave is L equals 15 cm and η0 equals 10 cm. The high-speed camera was used to capture the image of flow field. The particle tracing method was utilized for flow visualization. The advanced particle image velocimetry was first used to quantitatively observe two different type internal solitary waves in absence of obstacle. The characteristics of vortices induced by a internal solitary wave propagating over a submerged vertical plate were investigated in detail.
The vortex at the upstream side was induced by a internal solitary wave of depression. The vortex strength is related to the height of the vertical plate. On the other hand, the vortex at the downstream side was triggered by a internal solitary wave of elevation. The velocity of the overtopping flow increases with the increase of the height of the vertical plate. The vortex strength also increases with the increase of the velocity of the overtopping flow behind the vertical plate.
Base on the measured velocity and vortex data, the vortex circulation was analyzed with non-dimensional time. The variation with time of the vortex circulation induced by a internal solitary wave propagating over a submerged vertical plate was observed.
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