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標題: 氣動工具元件破壞之有限元素分析研究
Finite Element Studies for Ruptures Occurred in Air-Powered Tools
作者: 李兆榮
關鍵字: air-powered tools;氣動工具槍;plate-buckling;buckling mode;critical load;平板挫曲;挫曲模態;臨界負載
出版社: 機械工程學系

Failures of slide-plate and shutter caused by their high-speed motion and impact behaviors are common/important problems occurred in the air-powered tools. So, in this study, proper structural analyzing procedures with respect to these two components are performed.
Considering two factors: (1) axial compression is generally less to give metals the opportunity of material failures, and (2) The impact motion of slide-plate along the horizontal is not steady and an up-side-down motion is frequently occurred. Therefore, the small lateral motions in slide-plate cause its rupture. The analysis of slide-plate thus becomes complicate. It is preceded as follows.
Firstly, it is known that the geometry of slide-plates is flat with high length/thickness ratio; so, a specifically designed flat-plate finite element is introduced here. This element is quadratic and each node contains with three independent variable, one displacement and two slopes, may give better understanding of the stress-strain behaviors than others. Secondly, the above element is used to simulate the natural modes of the slide-plate and seven lowest modal shapes are obtained. Finally, the derived modal shapes are implemented into the buckling behaviors of the slide-plate and critical load with respect to each buckling mode is thus obtained. From the buckling modes and critical loads, the failure of the slide-plate can thus be understood and predicted.
In the structural analysis of the slide shuttle, one traditional type and four improved types are studied here. The stress distribution in the model for each type gives the contrast for future applications. Results comparing with the fracture shapes from the actual shuttles are quite significant. Further studies on the slide shuttle are highly recommended.
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