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標題: 旋轉複材葉片振動控制之實驗探討
Experimental Studies of Vibration Control of Rotating Composite Blades
作者: 柳永鎮
關鍵字: 旋轉葉片;Rotating Blade;複合材料;振動控制;Composite Material;Vibration Control
出版社: 機械工程學系
本文中在最佳控制理論架構下,考慮有包括與不包括科氏效應(gyroscopic effect)兩種系統模式,設計三種控制器,並將其應用到振動控制實驗中,來抑制複材葉片在不同轉速時的振動,結果顯示實驗與理論模擬所得大致吻合。

The objective of this thesis is to investigate the feasibility of suppressing the vibration of the rotating blades using the piezoelectric materials. Before carrying out the above experiment , the values of some important material properties of composite materials as well as those of piezoelectric materials available from vendors are adjusted first. This is done , under the condition that the blade is not rotating , by comparing the results of the vibration analysis with those of the experiments. These adjusted values are then used in the design of the controller for vibration control simulation and experiments of the rotating blade.
In order to determine the natural frequencies of the rotating blade experimentally , a servomotor is used to drive a shaft with blades attached to it at different rotating speeds. The signal taken from the piezoelectric sensor mounted on the blade is then processed using Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) algorithm to find the corresponding Frequency Response Function (FRF) diagram. From this diagram, the values of the first two natural frequencies are roughly estimated. In order to determine the first natural frequency more accurately , a sinusoidal excitation signal varying through the vicinity of the frequency value estimated from FRF diagram is applied to the piezoelectric actuator mounted on the rotating blade. The signals are then taken from the piezoelectric sensor and are compared to find the true natural frequency.
In this thesis, three different controllers are designed , within the framework of the optimal control theory , for each of two different system models , one includes the gyroscopic effect and the other neglects this effect. The results obtained from simulations and from experiments are shown in agreement.
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