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標題: 含壓電片之複材疊層加強板動態特性之探討
Studies of the dynamic behaviour of stiffened laminated composite plates containing Piezoelectric materials
作者: 梁鏡鵬
Liang, Ching-Peng
關鍵字: Finite Element;有限元素法;Composite Materials;Stiffened Plates;複合材料;加強板
出版社: 機械工程學系

Concerning the analysis of stiffened plates using the finite element method, lots of the literatures published to date have adopted the classical plate theory. Furthermore, the stiffeners are mostly modeled as beams. However, when the breadth to length ratio of the stiffener is large, modeling the stiffener as a beam may no longer be appropriate. In this paper, both the plate and its stiffeners are modeled using the plate finite elements. In order to model more accurately the deformation of the plate as well as its stiffeners, a simple higher-order displacement theory of plates is used. Two-dimensional rectangular nine-node Lagrangian finite elements are considered. By employing the Hamilton's principle, A finite element model for analyzing the vibration of the rib-stiffened laminated composite plates is developed.
In order to check the validity of the present finite element model, experiments are carried out where four types of stiffened plates made of the aluminum alloy are prepared and performed the modal testing. The results are also compared with those obtained from commercial softwares, I-deas and Msc/Nastran. Finally, different types of stiffened laminated composite plates are analyzed. The results agree rather well with those of commercial softwares mentioned above.
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