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標題: 電子斑點干涉術應用於映像管三維位移量測之分析與研究
作者: 張振暉
關鍵字: ESPI;三軸量測;細胞自動機;曲面嚙合
出版社: 機械工程學系
本論文使用ESPI的三軸架設方式去架構出物件受力的變形量,利用五場相移的技術,得到各軸向的相位圖,再利用細胞自動機演算法將一些 模式的問題解決。但是在這當中存在一些導致細胞自動機無法成功將相位展開,故將這些的資料遮罩起來;而後在展開完成後再利用多項式的曲面嚙合方法將資料補回。

In this article, the ESPI methodology is used to achieve the 3-D displacement field of CRT-panel for collapse protection. Phase-shifting technique is used, in our work, to achieve the phase map instead of counting the fringe order of the interferogram. After the wrapped phase data unwrapped, the continuous phase distribution can be easily achieved. To achieve 3-D displacement, three independent sensitivity vectors are needed and constructed in our experiment. The experimental results show that the normal displacement is the most dominant displacement among those three and the maximum value occurred around the center point of the CRT panel. The results make a good consistence with the simulated results proposed before.
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