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標題: 氧化釕/釕氰混價化合物修飾網版印刷電極在電分析之應用
Electroanalysis based on mixed valance ruthenium oxide-ruthenium cyanide modified screen-printed electrodes
作者: 陳銘崧
關鍵字: screen printed electrodes;網版印刷碳電極;ruthenium;detecuon;ruthenium oxide;alcohol;HPLC;aldehyde;wine;釕;醇;液相層析法;醛;酒;分析
出版社: 化學系
本論文是利用電化學沈積和成混價氧化釕/釕氰化合物(mixed valence ruthenium oxide-ruthenium cyanide complex),簡稱為mv RuOx-RuCN,修飾在網版印刷碳電極(screen printed electrodes, SPEs)上,形成混價金屬化合物與電極表面交互連結的薄膜,此混價氧化釕/釕氰化學修飾網板印刷電極,在0.01 M的H2SO4溶液中,對「醇類」與「醛類」化合物利用循環伏安法進行偵測,發現約在1.10 V (vs. Ag/AgCl)處,得到不錯的催化電流(catalytical current)。將系統移至流動相,以wall-jet的流動注入系統(flow injection analysis, FIA),在偵測電位1.10 V、流速0.2 mL/min、移動相0.01 M H2SO4溶液等條件下,偵測乙醇和甲醛的線性範圍,分別是10 μM - 10 mM (R = 0.9994)和10 μM - 5 mM (R = 0.9987),偵測極限(S/N = 3)則皆為5 μM。在連續偵測24小時的情形下,偵測訊號仍保持原有的靈敏度。
在結合ORH-801的流動分析分離管柱,以0.01 M H2SO4溶液為動相,可將標準液中的葡萄糖、甲醛、甲醇和乙醇依序分離;我們挑選了台灣啤酒、三得利威士忌、米酒與紅酒,進行真實樣品的偵測,依不同的酒調整適當稀釋倍率,以標準添加法可鑑定出酒類中的乙醇含量。將稀釋倍率調低,也可以鑑別出該酒類中,是否含有甲醇與甲醛等不良物質。

Mixed valence ruthenium oxide-ruthenium cyanide (mvRuOx-RuCN) - modified screen-printed electrode (mvRuOx-SPE) was used for sensitive detection of alcohols and aldehydes by flow injection analysis (FIA). Cyclic voltammetric studies with the bare mvRuOx-SPE films show obvious redox peak at ~1.10 V vs. Ag/AgCl, which can help in mediating the alcohols and aldehydes oxidation reaction. Optimized FIA conditions of applied potential = 1.10 V and flow rate = 0.2 mL/min are used for detection of ethanol in 0.01 M H2SO4 solution. Linear detecting range of 10 μM ~ 10 mM, r =0.9994 for ethanol and 10 μM ~ 5 mM, r = 0.9987 for formaldehyde were obtained. The detection limits (S/N = 3) are 5 μM for both analytes. Repeated injection of ethanol up to 24 h didn't show any variation in the detection signals. The electrodes can be easily extended into practical applications. In HPLC system, we combine ORH-801 analytical column to separate the standard solutions of glucose, formaldehyde, methanol and ethanol. We choose Taiwan beer, whiskey, rice wine and red wine for real samples. This chemical modified electrode has the advantages of high stability, good sensitivity, cheap and easy in preparation. It can be combined with column for separation.
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