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標題: 單階滑流之流場特性探討
Study on the Characteristics of Skimming Flow
作者: 周伸鴻
Jhou, Shen-Hung
關鍵字: Skimming Flow;滑流
出版社: 土木工程學系所
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本研究使用高速PIV量測系統,配合流場可視化,於無因次臨界水深(Yc /H) 範圍為0.335 ~ 0.632之條件下,針對單階滑流進行定性觀察及定量分析。根據定性觀察結果,將流場分成滑動射流區及水墊區,並分別對此兩區域進行速度場之量測與分析。
首先針對滑動射流區,根據數位影像進行水面線判讀及實際量測以驗證之,最後以複回歸分析訂定水面線。為了量測剪力層速度剖面,將直角座標系統轉換為曲線座標系統,依序從上游到下游切出數個剖面。經由量測結果可知,滑動射流區之剪力層厚度隨著愈往下游增厚。使用Lin et al. (2008)剪力層之分析方法,以剪力層中心(Yrc)、剪力層特徵厚度(bs)為長度尺度、以上下層速度(Uu、Ud)為速度尺度,進行無因次分析後,可得相似方程式。

The characteristics of skimming flows over a vertical drop were investigated experimentally using visualization technique and high speed particle image velocimetry (HSPIV) system. The non-dimensional critical depth (Yc/H) ranges from 0.335 to 0.632. According to the result observed qualitatively by using visualization technique, the flow region can be divided to sliding jet and pool regions. The flow fields were measured and discussed for these two regions.
First the study aims at sliding jet. According to digital image and water surface profile measured by point gauge, the curve of water surface can be determined by multi-variable regression. In order to measure the velocity of shear layer, curvilinear coordinate used instead of cartesian coordinate. The velocity profiles were measured from upstream to downstream. Based on the result, the shear layer thickness increases as the sliding jet moves downstream. Using the method proposed by Lin et al. (2008), the velocity profiles can be established by the center point of shear layer, Yrc, the specific width, bs, as length scale and the velocities of the upper and lower boundary of specific width Uu and Ud, as velocity scale., the similarity profile of shear layer was obtained as following:(略)
The study also focuses on the characteristics of pool region. The shape of velocity profiles in the pool is similar to a wall jet. Different characteristic values were tested for velocity and length scales for similarity analysis. Finally, by selecting the maximum adverse velocity Um as velocity scale and half-width thickness b0 as length scale, similarity profile can be obtained in the form of:(略)
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