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標題: 以紫質為基本架構的光動力療法藥物
Porphyrin-Based Drugs for Photodynamic Therapy
作者: 施明豐
關鍵字: 紫質;光動力療法
出版社: 化學系
本論文主要是在合成以porphyrin為基本架構的光感物質,在設計光感物質方面很重要的一點就是要在偏紅光的地方有強的吸收,因為紅光對人體組織的穿透度最好,如果在此處有強的吸收則藥物的效用將達到最高。在合成方面主要是利用中間產物dipyrrolemethane 13 和多種不同的醛類進行環化反應形成紫質且有很高的產率,接著在紫質環上做修飾,如把紫質還原成chlorin,能在偏紅光的地方有吸收且有好的消光係數,在此是用兩種方式形成chlorin:其一是在β-碳的位置接上oxo-官能基,其二是在meso-碳位置接上formylvinyl-官能基在TFA的催化下進行環化反應。另外也將一些不同的官能基接在meso-碳位置上,其主要目的就是要使光感物質能有好的單態氧產率且能選擇性的累積在癌細胞上。

This thesis describes the synthesis of porphyrin-based photosensitizing agents. One of requirements for the use of porphyrins as a photosensitizer is the strong absorptions in the red region because the red light has good penetration to the human tissue. In synthesis of the porphyrin-based photosensitizers, the key intermediate dipyrrolemethane 13 is reacted with various aldehyde to form a series of porphyrins in high yields. The porphyrins are then reduced to form chlorins. The chlorins we made exhibit strong absorptions in the red region with high extinction coefficients. In this thesis, two types of chlorins are prepared. One is the chlorins with an oxo group on the β-position, the other is the formation a cyclic ring on the meso- and β-carbon. In addition, to obtain high quantum yield of singlet oxygen production and preferential tumor localization, a variety of functional groups have been attached to the meso-position.
The relative quantum yields of singlet oxygen can be obtained by using tapping agent 1,3-diphenylisobenzofuran. The biological tests display that the photosensitizing materials we prepared have biological activity.
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