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標題: 由表面能量測探討金屬表面鍍膜結合強度
Investigation of Adhesion Strength of Deposited Film on Metal Surface by Measurement of Surface Energy
作者: 陳崇福
Chen, Chung_Fu
關鍵字: surface energy;表面能;deposited film;work of adhesion;薄膜;結合力
出版社: 機械工程學系
陶瓷薄膜與基材間的結合強度,是本文主要探討的問題。本研究主要採用非平衡磁控濺射下的氮化鉻鍍膜、陰極電弧電漿沉積下的氮化鉻鍍膜以及離子鍍著下的氮化鈦鍍膜等三種鍍膜,以為瞭解鍍膜與基材間的結合強度性能,文中分別測量基材與鍍膜的表面能,並進而計算其間的結合力。本文是以溶液滴在固體表面上所量測得到之接觸角,配合路易斯酸-鹼(Lewis acid-base)分析模式計算得到固體的表面能。

The strength of adhesion between the ceramic film and Its substrate is investigated in this paper. The CrN film by unbalanced magnetron sputtering or cathodic arc plasma deposition and TiN film by ion plating are use to study the effect of oxidized temperature on the variation of adhesion energy. The surface energies of deposited film and the substrate are measured separately and the work of adhesion between the two substances is then calculated. The surface energy of solid phase is calculated by a mathematical formulation in conjunction with the contact angle, measured by a drop of liquid wetting on the solid surface, and the so-called Lewis acid-base model.
The deposited films subjected to different oxidized temperatures are prepared for the study of adhesion strength between the film and the substrate. The experimental result show that the surface energies of CrN and TiN films and hence the work of adhesion between the film and the substrate are increase with the increasing oxidized temperature. Due to the growth of the grain size in the oxide film, the surface energy and the work of adhesion are both decreased as the film is heated over 800℃.
Keyword: work of adhesion, surface energy, deposited film
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