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標題: 格子型適應性IIR濾波器於主動噪音之控制
Active Noise Control-Using Lattice Form Adaptive IIR Filter
作者: 蘇英筑
Su, Zhu-Ying
關鍵字: lattice;格子形;adaptive;IIR filter;active noise control;適應性;IIR濾波器;主動式噪音控制
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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本篇論文主要是使用格子型適應性IIR濾波器於主動噪音之控制,因為傳統的IIR濾波器有回授式元件,在更新權重參數的過程中,極點可能會落在z平面上的單位圓外,因此有穩定性的問題,為了改善這個問題,我們使用了格子型適應性IIR濾波器,使極點不會落在單位圓外,可以保證濾波器的穩定,但是Lattice filtered reference LMS (LFRLMS)演算法在權重參數學習時,仍然不可以將學習因子調的太大,如果調的太大,濾波器還是會發散,於是我們在主動噪音控制中加入交換誤差的觀念,使得權重參數在更新時不需要再做緩慢適應的假設,因此可以提升濾波器參數學習的速率,而不會導致濾波器發散。從電腦模擬與實驗結果顯示使用交換誤差後的LFRLMS演算法確實比傳統的LFRLMS演算法消音效果來的好。


In this thesis, we use lattice form adaptive IIR filter for active noise control. The traditional IIR filter still have not been widely used in the application of the active noise control system due to the following disadvantage. The traditional IIR filter is not unconditionally stable due to the possibility that some poles of the filter might move outside of the unit circle during the weights update. To overcome this difficulty, we use lattice form adaptive IIR filter which is inherent stable in active noise control system. Also, the lattice form adaptive IIR filer is stable, but it is still needed to assume slow adaptation when the weights proceed update. To solve this problem, we lead the commutation error concept into active noise control system. This concept can let us get rid of above-mentioned assumptions. So we can use bigger learning factor to improve learning speed of the filter, and do not make the filter unstable. Results of computer simulation and experiment show that our proposed ANC controller has a good performance of noise reduction.
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