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標題: 農地重劃區農水路生態工程之應用與研究
The Application and Study for Farm-road and Canal Ecological Engineering of Farm Land Consolidation
作者: 洪中正
關鍵字: Farmland consolidation;農地重劃;Farm-road and canal;Ecological engineering;農水路;生態工程
出版社: 土木工程學系所
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The planning results on the farm-road of farm land consolidation have changed from rugged farm road to like-chessboard shape, since farm land readjustment had been implemented from 1958 in Taiwan. The landforms and terrain features totally changed, and caused ecological and habitats destroyed seriously after consolidating farm land. Because of the worst ecological environment, we start to handle farm land consolidation by planning and design toward organic production. But we can't give consideration to both farmer life environment and ecological wildlife and nature. The planning designer and farmers start to focus on awareness-raising of ecological engineering and nature conservation in recent years. Therefore, in addition that we need to fit in with usual safe regulation planning, we must think about effect of ecology in order to save loses the aquatic zoology and botany to habitat normally gradually with the multiplication environment. It shows the benefits to restore the agricultural waterway ecology by carrying out the principles of ecological engineering. The results will show that we will investigate, plan and design, construct maintenance and manage, make safety analysis, and etc. for ecological engineering of farm-road, irrigation and drainage channel on farm land consolidation. We will discuss their advantages and disadvantages and then present to the feasible suggestion methods.
其他識別: U0005-1607200902031000
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