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標題: 適應性IIR濾波器於主動噪音控制之應用
Adaptive IIR Filter for Active Noise Control
作者: 陳映先
Chen, Ying-Shen
關鍵字: Active Noise Control;主動噪音控制;IIR filter;IIR濾波器
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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本篇論文主要研究適應性IIR濾波器在主動噪音控制的應用,因為IIR濾波器應用於主動噪音控制上時,受到第二路徑動態效應的影響,使用傳統FuLMS演算法的IIR濾波器會有發散的問題,因此調整權重參數的値選擇必須比較小。本研究以兩個方向來改善此種情況並提升其消音性能,其一為傳統FuLMS演算法加入Filtered Residual Error及Commutation Error,加入前者能夠得到全域最小值,後者可排除更新權重時必須假設slow adaption的條件;其二為對第二路徑設計回授式的頻譜整型控制器,使第二路徑動態效應的影響減少。在前饋式主動噪音的架構下,電腦模擬及消音實驗驗證適應性IIR濾波器使用改良式演算法及第二路徑頻譜整型控制器於主動噪音控制系統在消音性能上能有改善效果。

The aim of this thesis is to examine applications of adaptive IIR filters with a FuLMS algorithm for active noise control (ANC). Due to existence of a secondary path in ANC systems, a small value of step size is applied to FuLMS algorithm and generally leads to slow convergence. To improve this difficulty, two approaches have been taken into account. One approach applies a modified residual error for the FuLMS algorithm. Another approach applies a robustly controlled secondary path for the adaptive IIR filter. Results of computer simulation show that adaptive IIR filters in our proposed approaches allow larger value of step size and lead to better convergence property as compared with that of the existing approaches. Results of experiment support the simulation results and demonstrate effective noise reduction performance.
其他識別: U0005-1506200613130900
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