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標題: 健身腳踏車發電機 支撐結構之最佳化設計
Optimum design of the supporting structure of a generator used for an exercising bicycle
作者: 林根豐
Lin, Ken-Feng
關鍵字: topology optimization;拓樸最佳化;shape optimization;sizing optimization;structural resonance;形狀最佳化;尺寸最佳化;結構共振
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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最佳化設計採用四種結構來進行,第一是對鑄造式的基座進行肋條和板厚的尺寸最佳化(sizing optimization),第二是使用三維元素進行拓樸最佳化,第三是採用原設計的固定板結構進行拓樸最佳化(topology optimization),再以形狀最佳化(shape optimization)修正,第四是以一個比較大面積的固定板進行拓樸最佳化,再以形狀最佳化修正。

The main purpose of this thesis is to improve the supporting structure of a generator used for an exercising bicycle using structure optimization method. In this study, the number of natural frequencies within the frequency ranges in normal use is going to be reduced. In addition, some specific frequencies must be avoided.

Four different optimization approaches are used: The first one is to use sizing optimization to improve the casted original design. The second one is to use topology optimization to redesign the casting structure. The third one is to improve the original design of two connected plates by topology optimization and then further improve the structure by shape optimization. The last one is to increase the 2-D design space first and then follow the same procedure in the 3rd approach.

The outcome shows that using the 3D casting structure can improve the rigidity of the base structure effectively. The two- connected plate structure has too many numbers of nature frequencies in the range of concern. Although applying shape optimization, the improvement of resonance of the structure is limited. In general, the better shape should be a narrow on top and wide on bottom, as the shape of semi-circle or bell. The side connecting plate structures are useless to reduce resonance and its thickness can be reduced. The vertical ribs are more useful than horizontal ribs in improving the resonance phenomenon.
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