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標題: 砂質斜坡上波浪變形與土壤孔隙壓力變化之研究
An Investigation on Wave Transformation and Soil Pore-pressure Variation on a Slope Sand Bed
作者: 蘇裕詠
Su, Yu-Yung
關鍵字: Wave;砂質;Pore-pressure;Sand Bed;Transformation;斜坡;波浪;孔隙壓力
出版社: 土木工程學系所
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本研究主要探討波浪經過砂質斜坡底床上所產生的波浪變形及土壤孔隙壓力變化,在理論方面採用蔡與陳 (2002)推導適用於孔隙彈性介質上時間相關緩坡方程式,並藉由改變土壤參數特性包含土壤剪力模數、滲透率來模擬不同底床特性且改變不同波浪入射條件及不同斜坡底床坡度作為波浪變形及土壤孔隙壓力改變之依據。

The purpose of this paper is to experimentation the wave transformation over slope sandy bottom. It mainly focuses on the effect of sandy seabed, soil shear modulus, soil permeability, to the wave transformations and induced soil response on the slope sandy bottom. The governing equations in this study are derived from Tsai and Chen (2002). They set a suitable time-dependent mild-slope equation for wave propagating over a poro-elastic seabed including properties of porosity, shear modulus, permeability, of the soil. In addition. The research compares first the wave deformation of sandy seabed and impermeable seabed. The numerical results indicate that the wave attenuation on the coarse sand seabed is more obvious than on the impermeable sand one.
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