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標題: 海底供水管線設計與施工之探討-以大小金門海底管線修復暨加強工程為例
Examinations on the Design and Construction of Submarine Water Pipeline:An example of the repair and reinforcement of pipelines in Kinmen and Leiyu
作者: 黃渝棋
Huang, Yu-Chi
關鍵字: Submarine Water Pipeline;海底管線;Steady analysis of the pipeline;Counterweight ring;配重環;管線穩定分析
出版社: 土木工程學系所
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海底輸水管線工程顧名思義為將管線鋪設於海底以直接通水兩岸之工程,屬於海底管線工程之一環,目前世界上所鋪設之海底管線多用於海底油源及天然氣輸送,自1960年代發展且今已有四十年經驗,其技術已相當成熟,海底輸水管線雖不多見,惟國內並無針對海底供水管線設計加以規範,但其一般規劃設計與海底油管殊無二致,本文以大小金門海底管線修復暨加強工程為例,針對案例海底管線輸水工程相關部份加以整理歸納,並探討其原管線失敗之原因。另採用中華民國水下技術協會「建立海底輸水管線設計及施工能力之研究(二)」之成果,及綜合比較國外之相關規範,如DNV(Det Norske Veritas,挪威驗船協會) 、BSI (British Standards Institution ,英國標準協會) 、API (American Petroleum Institute,美國石油協會)及海底管線工程日本港灣協會,加以分析評選修復方案,藉由本文研究整理,提供未來相關工程規劃設計之參考。

The purpose of submarine water pipeline project is to build the pipeline underneath the seabed, for water running directly in between lands. Most submarine water pipeline project is built originally for the transportation of oil and natural gas under the sea. Since 1960s the development of mentioned technique is moderately established with 40 years experience. Although submarine water pipeline is rare case to apply, and this technique has not been standardized in accordance with the design of seabed water pipe domestically, yet the general design and planning is identical with the seabed oil pipe. This thesis is the overview of the related part of seabed water pipe project, and discussion for the failure causes of repair and reinforcement of seabed pipe in Kinmen and Leiyu.
Furthermore, to adopt the result of under water technology association R.O.C “Study of the design and construction technology of undersea pipeline 2”,and in comparison of specifications from following organization,Ex:DNV(Det Norske Veritas)、BSI (British Standards Institution) 、API (American Petroleum Institute) and submarine pipeline project harbor association Japan, in addition to analyze the program of repair, the research of this thesis also provide the reference of related project design in the future.
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