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標題: 高負荷燃燒器燃氣混合之數值模擬分析
Numerical Simulation Analysis of High-Load Burner With Fuel Mixing
作者: 沈紅佑
關鍵字: 高負荷熱水器;主焰孔;理論質量比率
出版社: 機械工程學系
本文研究之目的,主要是在探討燃料(天然氣)經過單一火排(燃燒器)高負荷燃燒器後與空氣混合之流場。由於高負荷燃燒器具有複雜的幾何外形,因此必須先以3-D繪圖軟體來建立其外形,接著配合CFD軟體PHOENICS來進行計算數值模擬分析,最後結果利用TECPLOT之繪圖軟體來進行數據處理分析。文中採用κ-ε雙方程式紊流模式,並以控制體積法建立差分方程式,並配合SIMPLEST計算程序求解。文中分別就噴嘴孔徑、噴嘴位置及噴嘴噴射速度等參數下,分析高負荷燃燒器主焰孔上方之燃料(天然氣)分佈情形。由數值模擬結果得知,噴嘴孔徑對主焰孔上方燃料(天然氣)分佈有重大影響。當噴嘴孔徑d=2 mm,噴嘴位置x=0.098 m、速度為30 m/s及雷諾數Re=4.14×10 下,主焰孔上方燃料(天然氣)的分佈有較佳的均勻分佈,與化學反應的理論質量比率相當接近,顯示本文模擬結果的正確性。此分析結果可提供國內從事高負荷燃燒器廠商作為設計、改良火排之重要參考。

The purpose of this research calculates the properties and fuel mixing distribution of high-load burner by the computation fluid dynamics code PHOENICS. The turbulence model is adopted and the control-volume integration for finite difference associated with SIMPLEST algorithm are employed to simulate the three-dimensional high-load burner flowfield. The effects of fuel distribution on high-load burner are jet position, jet diameter, and jet injecting velocity .
The computed results show that the diameter of jet strongly affects fuel mixing distribution profile of main flame orifice. A better outlet fuel mixing distribution profile of the main flame orifice and even the most distribution is shown and which makes a closer approach to the theoretical mass ratio of chemical reaction at condition of the jet diameter d=2 mm, jet position x=0.098 m, injecting velocity 30 m/s, and Reynolds number Re=4.14×10 .
Key words : high-load burner, main flame orifice , theoretical mass ratio
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