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標題: 電子構裝元件Mini-BGA之熱潛變分析
Thermal Creep-rupture Analysis of Electric Packaging Component for Mini-BGA
作者: 凌啟文
Ling, Chi-Wen
關鍵字: thermal creeping;熱潛變;viscoplastic material;Mini-BGA;reliability;黏塑材料非線性;塑膠球腳格狀陣列構裝元件;可靠度
出版社: 機械工程學系

The major goal of the present study is to investigate the reliability of Mini-BGA packaging under the normal usage loading.The criteria of the packaging is determined based on the thermal creeping damages that occur between the solder ball and PCB.The solder balls are treated as viscoplastic material and to stress-strain relation is based on Anand''s model.For the purpose of improve the reliability of Mini-BGA packaging ,a number of heat dissipation devices were also designed and attached on the packaging.It is attempted to seek an optimum way of heat dissipation of such packaging.The 3-D finite element model is established for the analysis of temperature,thermal stress,and thermal strain variations throughout the packaging.Heat is generated at die and then transfers through die adhesive,EMC,substrate,solder ball,PCB,and finally carried away by forced air flow.For the original-designed Mini-BGA,it is found that the thermal creeping failure occurs at the solder balls located at outmost corner relative to center of die.Under the normal usage condition,the solder ball is estimated to be reliable in approximate 5.6 years.
The thermal creeping failure of solder ball in Mini-BGA with several types of heat dissipation devices are also investigated.It is found that the most effective way of extending the reliability of Mini-BGA is that a thin copper plate directly attaching on the EMC.By this way,the solder ball is found to be reliable in 7.3 years.Moreover,it is easy for packaging,low cost,and no increase in space usage.
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