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標題: 應用影像處理技術為基礎之形狀辨識
Application the image processing methods of shape recognition
作者: 吳政墩
Wu, Zheng-Dun
關鍵字: Machine Vision;機器視覺;mage Processing;shape recognition;影像處理;形狀辨識
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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The development of computer technology, Image processing and Machine Vision have been significantly considered and developed in recent years. There is extensive application in industrial production, education, communication and recreation areas, and is also have quite important positions. The software and hardware system researched and developed at present is not only light and short and small, and have operation fast advantage at the same time, so make this academy important and practical.
This research is mainly to utilize the Machine Vision and Image Processing system to develop a geometry form distinguish. At first ,this measure system utilizes the CCD camera and the frame grabber to get the figure materials. and then through the software writing by oneself, carry out the image and deal with several steps, including: mean filter, binary, dilation, erosion....etc, using characteristic value to get the area and radian of figure. Followed this way to proceed the recognize of figure; Eventually the accuracy of the system was certified by comparing the experimental data with the real object.
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