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標題: 移動載重作用下含裂縫鋪面滲水現象之有限元素法分析
Seepage of Cracked Pavement Under Moving Loads by Finite Element Method
作者: 張美雯
Chang, Mei-Wen
關鍵字: finite element method;有限元素;pore water pressure;seepage;孔隙水壓力;滲水量
出版社: 土木工程學系所
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本論文主要目的在建立分析移動載重作用於含裂縫鋪面版之飽和土壤產生滲水現象之二維有限元素分析模式。此模式主要利用 Foda & Mei所推導的飽和介質理論方程式及彈性力學之力平衡方程式,並考慮土壤之遲滯阻尼效應,再利用 Galerkin 法建立有限元素分析模式,以分析受移動載重作用於版後,土壤之孔隙水壓力、及裂縫滲水量之影響。

本文中將先討論作用力分別為衝擊載重及移動載重時,其土壤中水流之流況、孔隙水壓力、累積滲水量等比較之變化及差異。接著再針對不同的影響參數,包括: 移動速度(V)、滲流係數(k)、裂縫大小(C)及土壤厚度(h),探討移動載重加載過程中土壤孔隙水壓力、由裂縫滲出總滲水量變化。經由本文中所建立之模式及分析結果,希望供道路設計時之參考。

The objective of this study is developed a two-dimensional finite element model for seepage phenomenon under the moving loads. The formulation is based on Foda & Mei saturated medium theory, Elasticity Mechanics of equilibrium equations, and damping phenomenon under consideration. The finite element model is established through the method of Galerkin, which analyzes the pore water pressure and seepage under the moving load.

The study discusses the effect of the pore water pressure and seepage under the moving load, and impact load. Then use the different effect parameters, including seepage coefficient(k),moving speed (V),crack width(C),and depth(h),make the different degrees of variations soil pore water pressure and seepage. Through the results of building and analyzing the model in this thesis, we hope it would offer the reference of designing road for engineering field.
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