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標題: 奇異擾動離散動態滑動模式控制器
The Discrete Dynamic Sliding Mode Controller for Singular Perturbation System
作者: 宋世偉
Sung, Hsih-Wei
關鍵字: singular perturbation system;奇異擾動;sliding mode;discrete time;滑動模式;離散系統
出版社: 機械工程學系

A discrete dynamic sliding mode control method for singular perturbation system such as the linear servo motor system is proposed in this thesis. The proposed new sliding mode control scheme consists two major parts. At the first stage, a discrete sliding mode control strategy for the singular perturbation system based-on the robust discrete sliding mode control approach is developed. Following, a discrete dynamic sliding surface design method that automatically generates the relative slope of the sliding surface at each sampling time is derived. Instead of the conventional fixed sliding surface approach, the dynamic surface one is proposed to increase the responding performance and to eliminate the chattering problems.
Experimental results illustrate that the new discrete dynamic singular perturbation sliding mode control strategy can be successfully applied to the precise positioning problem of a DC brushless linear motor system.
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