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標題: 雙邊固定式懸臂樑壓電變壓器
Clamped-Clamped Beam Type Piezoelectric Transformer
作者: 陳奇劭
Chen, Chi-Shao
關鍵字: piezoelectric transformers;壓電變壓器;cantilever;electromechanical modeling;懸臂樑;力電耦合模型
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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In this paper, we study the piezoelectric transformers in a form of fixed-fixed beam. And an analytical solution of a fixed-fixed beam type piezoelectric transformer with Euler-Bernoulli beam assumption is proposed.
The electromechanical equations are first derived for transient motions, and coupled expressions for the mechanical response and voltage output are obtained. The resulting equations are further reduced for the case of excitation around the first resonance frequency. Analyical solutions of mechanical response, voltage, current, and power outputs are presented.
From our analytical model, output voltage depends on the lengths of two electrodes, the Young's modulus ratio and thickness ratio between PZT layer and substrate, but is constant with respect to the length of beam. Besides, the lengths of input electrodes should be 0.22 times the length of beam to achieve the largest output from the largest moment. Furthermore, when the transformer is excited at first resonant frequency higher output voltage can be obtained with the shorter output electrodes. The resoance frequency using to excite the transformer are inversely proportional to the square of the lengthe of beams, so we can control the working frequency by the length of beam. The combination of Young's modului and thicknesses of PZT layer and substrate change the position of netural axis and the bending stiffness of beam, concurrently. However, output voltages of transformers depend not only on the postion of neutral axes but also on bending stiffnesses. The result is the transformer can get better performance by using the substrate with higher Young's modului
We also use the finite element methods and the experiment to verify the analytical model. Finally, the error of output voltage between the analytical model and experiment is less 10%.
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