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標題: 撓性軸承微定位系統之階層式類神經模糊控制
Hierarchical Neuro-Fuzzy Control for Micropositioning Systems Using Flexural Bearings
作者: 許家維
關鍵字: Neuro-Fuzzy Control;模糊控制;Fuzzy Control;Flexural Bearings;Micropositioning Systems;撓性軸承;階層式模糊控制;類神經模糊控制;階層式類神經模糊控制
出版社: 機械工程學系

The micropositioning system using flexural bearings (e. g., for wafer steppers and coarse-fine positioning systems) is a system of infinite degrees of freedom. It is difficult to design the controller for the partial differential equation of the system directly. In this thesis, we use the closed-form dynamics model proposed in [1] for the design of micropositioning controller. We propose a hierarchical fuzzy control using neural network backpropagation training algorithm for the micropositioning system. Simulation results show that the suggested control strategy can actively suppress the flexible vibration and have good performance in micropositioning. Comparison with the result of LQR control is also presented.
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