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標題: 應用全景影像快速建置街景及路徑預覽
Application of Panoramic Images to Rapid Establishment of Street View and Path Preview
作者: 郭冠宗
Guo, Guan-Zong
關鍵字: 電子地圖;electronic map;最短路徑規劃;Ladybug2應用;全景影像;預覽系統;shortest path scheming;Ladybug2 application;panoramic images;preview system
出版社: 土木工程學系所
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本研究應用全景影像快速建置街景及路徑預覽,並利用地理資訊系統ArcGIS進行最短路徑規劃,配合Ladybug2安裝於車頂上進行拍攝,以中興大學校區為本研究之範圍,所拍攝360度即時全景影像,以及全球衛星定位系統Garmin60CSx導航定位,所拍攝之全景影像均有相對應之地面坐標,故可搭配Google Earth或其他相關電子地圖進行點位展點。利用地理資訊系統(Geographic Information Systems,GIS)之空間資訊擷取與分析能力,透過ArcGIS Network Analyst決定最短路徑,最短路徑分析以道路長度及車輛行駛時間為成本進行路網分析。本研究以Dijkstra''s演算法,由一個固定節點,到所有其他節點的最短路徑,發展及設計建構最短路徑全景影像預覽系統,本系統建立資料庫將資料與影像間連結經由坐標呈現路徑預覽。本方法之優點較傳統測量方法更快、更經濟,資料更新也更容易。

This study is conducted by using panoramic images in a panoramic preview system that can be updated economically and efficiently. The panoramic images are captured by multiple cameras of Ladybug2 mounted on a vehicle.
This research employs the panoramic imager to generate street views and route preview in a geographic information system (GIS) environment for tour guide. The study site is the campus of National Chung Hsing University and its neighborhood. With the 360-degree real-time captured images and the Garmin60CSx navigation of global positioning system, all of the panoramic images can involve the corresponding ground coordinates, and can be displayed on Google Earth or other e-map services. The shortest route scheming, such as the total road length and driving time of the vehicle as the cost of the shortest route, can be easily derived by Network Analyst model of ArcGIS software. Besides, this study also employs Dijkstra''s algorithm to calculate the shortest route to construct and show the shortest path in the panoramic images preview system. The established database connects the route data and corresponding images by the coordinates to composite an image stream for the preview of the optimal path. The method proposed in this research provides an efficient and economic approach for street route preview.
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