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標題: 線性步進馬達結合壓電致動器之次微米定位控制
Sub-micrometer Positioning Control with LPM and PZT
作者: 陳承賢
Chen, Cheng-Hsien
關鍵字: Sub-micrometer Positioning Control;次微米定位控制;ANFIS;PZT;Tracking
出版社: 機械工程學系
本論文主要在探討大行程機構之精密定位,並分別對線性步進馬達與壓電致動器作一深入的探討。結合現代人工智慧型態之控制理論ANFIS( Adaptive-Networks-based Fuzzy Inference Systems )與最陡梯度法( Steep Decent Method )及投影演算法( Projection Algorithm )作線上參數即時更新之控制研究。
在致動器部分,PZT具有非線性特性,線性微步進馬達又有著本身驅動的特性及誤差,皆難以數學模型描述;而且當上述兩元件耦合時要直接描述其系統特性更是不易。因此希望以不需建立系統模型( Non-modeling )的方式加以控制,ANFIS架構兼具模糊理論與類神經網路的優點,實際實驗成效良好,能精確定位置至期望目標。

Most micro-actuators have small driving force and short distance of traveling. On the other hand, long traveling distance actuators are not precise enough. The thesis is focus on precise position tracking technique of a long traveling distance mechanism which is combined linear pulse motor ( LPM ) and piezoelectric actuator ( PZT ).
PZT have nonlinear characteristics of hysteresis and creep etc. and LPM have stall, missing step, friction force and vibration problems etc.. It is hard to modeling. We use ANFIS ( Adaptive-Networks-based Fuzzy Inference Systems ), a neuro-fuzzy control theory, that do not need modeling and have learning ability to overcome these problems. We implement it well and reach the goal in 0.01 micrometer accuracy on-line by PC base control.
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