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標題: 螺紋自動光學檢測
Automatic Optical Inspection of Screw
作者: 李政翰
Lee, Cheng-Han
關鍵字: computer vision;電腦視覺;three-wire method;Parallel -back light source;binarization;LoG;linear interpolation;三線法;平行光背光源;二值化;LoG;線性內插
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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本文採用三線法的原理,透過移動螺紋並記錄其位移量,在螺紋上下半部的相對位置各拍一張影像來做分析,為了避免螺紋表面上的反光或是影像亮度不均,因此採用平行光背光源,接著本文分別對待測物之影像使用二值化與Laplacian of Gaussian(LoG)影像預處理,再透過OPENCV裡的影像處理和線性內插搜尋輪廓座標點並代入線性回歸計算螺紋中每條齒腹所匹配的最佳直線,透過演算法分析其螺紋節距、節徑、大徑與小徑。

Today inspection method usually adopts computer vision. That is the workpiece is analyzed in the workpiece picture, and it is determined whether the workpiece Conforms with the standard by improving the light source, taking the workpiece picture, and matching up computer''s calculation.
In this paper, we adopt three-wire method that takes down quantity by moving the screw and takes the workpiece picture on lower and higher the screw part .Then we adopt Parallel -back light source for avoiding light reflection or uneven brightness. We use binarization algorithm and LoG algorithm image pretreatment separately and afterward use OPENCV and linear interpolation search edge point which substitutes linear regression to calculate the best matched line of tooth flank which analyze pitch, pitch diameter, big diameter, small diameter in the screw.
Finally, We use profile projector to measure the screw repeatedly that compare with ours experiment''s result in this paper, then that directed agains error factors to do uncertainty analysis.
其他識別: U0005-2208201115261700
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