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標題: 銲線機製程參數研究分析
Study of Parameters for Thermosonic Wire Bonder
作者: 林業超
關鍵字: 銲線機;金線結球;路徑成型;類神經網路;田口
出版社: 機械工程學系
影響路徑穩定性的參數則有(1)FAB的熱影響區長度(2)一銲點Smash Ball大小及剪力強度(3)一、二銲點拉力強度(4)路徑轉折長度(5)路徑轉折角度(6)三軸同動之參數控制。

Wire bonding is a very important part in the semiconductor packaging, the parameters which affect the bonding quality includes:Bonding temperature、Ultrasonic power、Bonding force、Bonding time、Free air ball size、Loop Length and Loop Height etc. Considering these factors, the flowing two parts should be considered in the wire bonding process:Free air ball formation and Looping stability.
The parameters which affect the free air ball formation includes:(1)The tail length left after second bond(2)The type and shape of capillaries used(3)The material characteristics of gold wire(4)The supplied voltage, current and time of electrical flame-off (EFO)unit(5)The gap between tail and electrode plate(6)The relative position between capillary and electrode plate.
The parameters which affect the Loop stability includes:(1)Heat affect zone (HAZ) of Free Air Ball (FAB)(2)Smash ball size and shear force(3)Wire pull force(4)Loop reverse length(5)Loop reverse angle(6)Factors in the three axis motion.
In this paper, the study will focus on the effect of these parameters to the bonding quality, Taguchi Technique and neural network are applied in this study to establish the model and find the best parameters setting for wire bonding. It can then be used for wire bonding process parameter adjustment and process monitoring. It can also be used as reference for the development of equipment and other process
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